Physical Science-palooza Answer Key

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Catch a Wave

This is the source of all wave motion

What is a vibration? 


This is the number of waves that pass a point every second

What is frequecncy or what is a hertz? 


This measurement is most closely related to the energy of the wave. 

What is amplitude?


20 Hz - 20, 000 Hz

What is the audible spectrum or What is the range of human hearing? 


Radio waves, Infrared waves and visible light are in this group. 

What is an electromagnetic wave? 

Compound Interest

The core of an atom that consists of two basic particles. 

What is the nucleus? 


The number that designates the identify of en element. 

What is the atomic number? 


The atomic mass minus the atomic number. 

What is the number of neutrons? 


Differs only in the number of neutrons. 

What is an isotope. 


Particles that compose protons and neutrons. 

What are quarks? 

Let's Get Physical or Chemical

Highest energy phase of matter. 

What is plasma? 


Shiny or dull

What is luster? 


Burn baby burn. 

What is flammability? 


The appearance, small or texture of a substancde.

What is a physicall property? 


Forms bubbles, creates an aroma, forms a precipitate

What is evidence that a chemical reaction occurs? 

Setting the Table

Name of the first family. 

What are the Alkali metals? 


I end in -INE.

What are halogens? 


I tell Tell how many shells.

What is a period? 


Sitting on the steps with Aluminum, Silicon and Germanium. 

What are metalloids? 


The ability to attract and hold on to electrons. 

What is electronegativity? 

What's in a Name


What is sodium chloride



What is copper Sulfate? 



Potassium Chlorite



Lithium Hyposulfite



Ammonium persulfate

Final Question

The Power of Hydrogen

What is pH?